We have 2 main partnered factories and warehouses in USA

Our partner oil factory located in Louisiana uses the most state of the art technology in developing, blending, testing, packing and shipping. With over 46,000 Square Meters of Warehousing and production space, we have the ability to package fluids for most vehicles on the planet. The factory has 6 packaging lines. 3 are high speed lines that fill by weight and can fill 350 bottles per minute


All fluids go through strict quality control to ensure all blended and packaged fluids meet all clients requirements. We create fluid spec sheets to QC lab to thoroughly check each fluid for all required tests. Our laboratory is among the most advances testing laboratories and is ISO certified. All fluids are tested to meet or exceed industry, client and SARIA quality requirements. We have the ability to conduct over 22 tests to include Viscosity, Pour Point, Low Temp Viscosity, NOACK, Flash Point, Density, Color, Cold Crank Water to name a few.


Factory blending Capabilities include over 7.5 Million Liters in tank storage capacity with over 70 on site tanks (40 blend tanks). We have the ability to blend 300 different fluids and are able to receive fluids via rail, truck and barge. Warehousing has strict inventory management for raw materials, components and finished goods all tracked by scanning technology. All materials or components go through Quality Control testing prior to blending and or production. The warehouse also includes 18 shipping bays for loading and unloading trucks and shipping containers. We have the capability to load 10+ export containers per day. 


Our Ohio Facility not only is a hub for a variety of LION products to be packaged but also contains our main warehouse for storing and loading a variety of LION products aside from Lubricants. Our onsite lab is also prepared to develop various formulas of products to meet various requirements in different countries.


The factory contains 4 fluid filling lines for fluid products packaged in 8 oz to 1 US Gallon. All LION Fuel additives and related chemical items are all packaged here. Our Ohio facility also has an aerosol line capable of filling 16 and 20 Oz can capacities.

Over 50 LION Products are in inventory ready to ship to destinations all over the world.


Various LION Products Production Video