Diesel / Fleet Motor Oils

 LION Multi Grade Diesel Motor Oils are premium lubricants designed to exceed performance expectations for diesel engines in automobiles and trucks. With being able to handle harsh conditions and extended hours, these oils provide good viscosity properties for both high and low temperatures. These oils are also formulated with a gasoline specification for duel use.

LION Heavy Duty (HD) Mono Grade Fleet Diesel Engine Oils are formulated using high viscosity base oils combined with performance additive technology. These Heavy Duty Fleet oils are designed for todays heavy duty diesel engines both on and off highways. LION HD Oils are suitable for Trucks, Buses, Construction, Agriculture and more. LION HD Oils provide engine protection such as rust & corrosion, while lowering friction and extending engine life. 

LION HD Multi Grade Fleet Diesel Engine Oils are designed for newer engines. These premium diesel fleet engine oils can meet the demands of low emission and high performance diesel engines used on and off road. With excellent protection, this oil can also be used on older models which are using high and low sulfur fuels. LION Heavy Duty Multi Grade Fleet Diesel Engine Oils also meets the API SL Specification for Mixed Fleet use and recommended for a variety of heavy duty uses and operating requirements.