LION 50/50 Pre-Mixed Coolant and Anti-freeze is a conventional green formulated antifreeze containing inhibitors providing protection from freezing, overheating, rust and corrosion when used as recommended.  LION 50/50 Pre-Mixed Coolant & Anti-Freeze features a universal low silicate formula for use in all conventional automobiles and light duty trucks and protects all cooling system metal surfaces, including aluminum.


  • Original green formulation
  • Pre-diluted & “Ready to use”  -  No need to add water
  • Protects all cooling system metals
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Will not harm hoses & gaskets
  • Protects against freeze-up to -34°F and boil-over to +265°F
  • Compatible with all conventional green antifreeze

Available In

  • 32 Fl Oz (946 ml) Plastic Bottle, 12 per case (CA-258)
  • 1 US Gallon (3.78 ml) Plastic Bottle, 6 per case (CA-250)

Typical Uses

LION 50/50 Pre-Mixed Coolant and Anti-freeze meets or exceeds the following specification:

ASTM D-3306, ASTM D-4340, ASTM D-4985, Ford ESE-M97B-44-A, Chrysler MS-7170, GM 1825M, GM 1899M, SAE J1034, SAE J1941, Caterpillar, Cummins 90T8-4, John Deere H24B1, H24C1, Navistar B1, Mack Truck, Volvo/GM Heavy Truck, TMC TP 302B

Performance Results

Lion Engine Coolant and Conditioner – Red is manufactured under the standards and requirements for the protection of the cooling system and all standard components included ASTM D-1384-87 (standard test method for corrosion).

SKU: CA-258

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