5W-40 ACEA C3 is a fully synthetic engine oil utilizing mid-SAPs passenger car technology designed for modern passenger car Diesel vehicles equipped with Diesel Particular Filer (DPF), and in latest gasoline applications, including the ones with 3-way catalytic converters.


Protects engines under all driving conditions
Lowers friction and improves gas mileage
Provides longer engine life
Excellent high and low temperature performance Resists thermal break-down


5W-40 ACEA C3 is suitable for use in applications calling for of ACEA C2, C3 and API SN service categories. Can be used in light duty trucks and pick-up vehicles.

Suitable for Use:

  • ACEA C2/C3


  • MB 229.31/ MB 229.51

  • VW 502 00/VW 505 01

  • BMW LL-04

  • PSA B71 2290

  • GM dexos® 2

  • Renault RN0700 / RN0710

  • Porsche A40

SKU: MO-642

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